Clean Water. Fresh Air. Green Earth.

The world is facing unprecedented environmental challenges. MINDS is an active contributor to the global movement to save our earth.


Through a collaboration with ECOSOFTT, a Social Enterprise dedicated to addressing water and environmental challenges, MINDS’ clients are now using their love and passion to produce eco-friendly enzyme-based detergents and housekeeping products at the MINDS - Idea Employment Development Centre.


Made from fruit peels using enzyme technology, these products are natural and totally biodegradable, making them safe for households, business and our shared planet.


Find out more about our wellness solutions here and check out our products here



We believe that housekeeping products should keep venues clean and toxic free, rather than using harsh chemicals that hurt us as well as our environment. Our housekeeping products are made using all-natural ingredients. They are designed to break down specific organics, dirt, and stain effectively.

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